What they say about us!
We have searched some forums online and shared information about PBE, here is what customers had to say about our systems after installation!!!
'Some minor changes had to be made to exclude company names and products, as well as some corrections of word use'.

Thank you to all our valued customers, we appreciate you putting the word out there!
"I have 3 x 125W panels on the roof mounted of my Brakhah, what a pleasure (2 x 105 AH batteries in the van) I found that Pieter Barnard regulators and power box works brilliant for me (was installed standard when I bought the camper). Pieter is local and is always available to assist."
"I bought a Solar Regulator from Pieter Barnard Products, because this system comes standard in my camper and must say, it doesn't have nice LCD displays, but it is made locally and works, it switches off at night, automatically and could handle 40Amps."
"I bought plugs from PBE (Pieter Barnard Enterprises -www.pbeproducts.co.za) which I think are far superior '..'. They were not cheap,but I think worth every cent. They come with a plate through which one male and one female plug is pushed and which is then firmly held in place. The plate is of course attached to your vehicle. The other male and female connector are attached to the trailer wiring.
All the connectors have dust caps that fit very securely and which are attached to the connectors with a chain to prevent loss of the caps. Very easy to connect as well. I think a really outstanding product."
Die elektrisiteitsprobleem was ‘n bietjie moeiliker (en duurder) om op te los omdat alles oorgedoen moes word. Ons het die oorspronklike “powerpack” uitgehaal en vir Pieter Barnard (van PBE in Centurion www.pbeproducts.co.za) gevra om die hele ding oor te doen.
Dit was elke sent werd, en ons beveel vir Pieter sterk aan
· Die hele powerpack is ook vervang met PBE se indrukwekkende stelsel
· Die bestaande koppelstuk tussen die 'voertuig en die karavaan' is ook deur PBE vervang met koppelstukke wat heeltemal waterdig en stofdig is.
Nou werk die yskas vir die eerste keer ordentlik en kan ‘n mens sien of die batterye besig is om te laai.
Laastens het PBE vir ons ‘n “transfer system” in die neus “cone” van die 'karavaan' ingebou. Dit beteken dat ons aan die einde van die dag (na ons wildritte) die krag van die 'voertuig' se “auxiliary” battery kan oordra na die twee batterye in die 'karavaan', sonder enige gevaar om die batterye te beskadig. Dit maak kragopwekkers en solarpanele onnodig. Oulik!
Wat ‘n verbetering! Nou werk alles soos dit behoort te werk en ons sien uit na jare se uitkamp in die Afrika wildernis.
Long story short for our English speaking friends: Our 'caravan' is working like a charm at last, the main reason being that we replaced the original powerpack with Pieter Barnard (or PBE from Centurion’s) impressive system.
Our 'caravan' also booked at Pieter for early January for the same "power conversion" plus solar panels that's fitted to the roof.
Pieter did work for us since 2000 and if you need any electrical work done there is only ONE!
VIVA zi PBE..!!!
Pieter also did the same job on my previous 'caravan' and also the current 'caravan'. Without this I will not go into the bush.
Ricbos...go for the PBE system. Pieter has done both my caravans and the 30amp charger works brilliantly. he also installed the charge system from the car to the caravan.
Camping is a whole different experience with the PBE electrical system. We are very happy with it.
Look at www.pbeproducts.co.za great service and great advice.
go to Pieter Barnard from PBE Products... I have done both my caravan's with him and would not trust another system
I am confident that the PBE system is streets ahead, and certainly worth the extra money.

I also know that the PBE charging system can be bought as a DIY kit for considerably less. The last time I bought a kit (about 7 months ago (I paid about R1600.00, and the installation is dead simple.
ek doen nou al die laaste 3 jaar al my "kragwerk" deur PBE. hulle hardeware is in my opinie nie oorprys nie en indien jy nie van die DIY kits wil gebruik maak nie sal ek aanraai dat Pieter-hulle die installasie vir jou doen teen 'n bilike fooi vir hulle diens. PBE weet waarvan hulle praat.
PBE se ontwikkeling en toetsing gebeur alles op eie bodem en is PROUDLY RSA wat vir my tel. As ek issues of vrae het, is hulle altyd gewillig om te help.
PBE se stelsel het wel al die beskerming in en weereens, hulle bou alles self so jy praat met die regte ou as jy 'n vraag het...nie 'n smous nie.

My 2C worth!!!
I am using PBE's products now for more than 3 years. Actually, when I bought the old Hilux 2.2 it was fitted with one of their products. When I sold the bakkie to Manie, I took out my old battery which is currently in my FT and still working great after 3years. 105a/h deep cycle. Also have 2x105's running on the offroad trailer. They are in Centurion and believe me, if you want professional neat work and sound advice, you can speak to either Pieter Snr / Jnr.
I spoke to PETER I don't know which one but he was so KNOWLEDGABLE, I got more help from him than anyone else and he is inundated with work
the car charging system is connected to the trailer (Pieter Barnard of PBE did a perfect job)
I've had a 'system' installed just a couple of months ago and it irritates me so much that I've decided to replace it with a PBE. The PBE is more expensive, but the management is far better. I've had voltage drop on the 'previous system' that causes the second battery to be charged too slow. Also, that 5min delay before the second battery starts charging ittitates me. IMHO the first battery is mostly charged up and an intelligent system will know that and immediately starts charging the second system and balance the charges.
I just wish I didn't spend the money before doing my homework. Also, because PBE builds their own systems, support is on hand.
I had a proper charger build by Pieter Barnard (PBE Enterprises in Centurion) that charge between 25 - 30 A/h. I run 1 x 40 lt & 1x 60 lt fridge from 1 x 105A deep cycle battery without any problems.
If we camp @ 1 place and do not drive enough to charge the battery, I use the genni each day for +- 2.5 - 3.5 hours and the battery is full.
Will I go for this option again? Yes, but a proper charger is the key
PBE batt box is excellent. Bit expensive but Pieter builds them to your specs you want and includes a regulator that will ensure that your batt doesnt run below a certain level and gets damaged. I have pbe system in and boy I must say it s is well worth the money spent, I run 2 105's off the system and no problems whatso ever
look at the connectors pbe supply. They are in my opinion far superior and can be had with a bracket to mount the connectors on your vehicle. Not cheap but well worth it. Got the tip from a member of the forum(Hannes) and proved to be a really worthwhile purchase
As an alternative, contact Pieter Barnard from PBE Products (083 749 0445). They have done both my rigs and I will never take anything else to anybody else but him.
A friend around a campfire referred me to PBE and, to cut a long story short, I had it installed. I must say I'm very satisfied. I suggest you give them a call. I believe the value they add is worth the price. On why people see them less, I believe its a marketing issue. They are the sole installers of their system.
I can at least come and speak to the guys at PBE about some custom things, and they are very helpful. Great service and they did a great job.
I also have the PBE system in place for the past 2 years. Not a days problem and my battery is always charged at the correct level. My friend also makes use of the PBE system and he is also very happy with the service that he received from them.
I have received excellent service from PBE. On one occasion I thought my system was faulty, and Pieter Snr spent an hour checking my system on a wednesday night, without charging me a cent.
nee wat ek weet net dat daai system werk !!!
die rede hoekom ek vra my aanstaande skoonseun het sy sisteem by Pieter ( PBE ) laat doen in November en ek was moerse beindruk, my ss was baie beindruk met Pieter se kennis en die wyse waarop hy geinstalleer het. Ons beide het aanvanklik 'anders' gedink maar nadat my ss by PBE was het hy gesê daar is net een persoon wat hy sy LC mee sal vertrou met n battery stelsel en dit is PBE
there is just no comparison whatsoever
I have also done business with both Pieters (father and son are both Pieter). The son is the designer, but dad does most of the work (I think).
They really are professional, friendly and service-oriented.

I went to their home once on a friday evening at around 19h00 hours, with a "problem". It turned out that all it was was me not properly understanding the working of the system. Pieter Snr. spent about 40 minutes patiently explaining the workings to me and testing and evaluating my system, made some recommendations and didn't charge me a sent!
As jy later wil krag aanlê van jou kar af vir die yskas/ dual battery system of net vir lig in die trailer kyk niks verder as P.B. Enterprises se High Current Charging Connector Set. Die ander goed gaan jou drop en jy gaan groot skade ly.
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Do yourself a favour and take your vehicle to Pieter Barnard in Centurion (www.pbeproducts.co.za) If you can, compare his craftmanship and quality of materials to that of the '...'
Hi, I came across these while obtaining a quote from PB Enterprises. http://www.pbeproducts.co.za/PBE_Toyota_Hilux.htm
I saw some of his work on a Cruizer and a Disco 4 - extremely neat & sturdy.  (Please note new link to Toyota Hilux Gallery - Ed)
but mine has the PBE Power System installed and it works great
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